Purchasing General Information

12951 Bandera Road
Helotes, TX 78023
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Susan Darst, Assistant to City Administrator 
(210) 695.5914
(210) 695.2123 (Fax)

Welcome to the City of Helotes Purchasing Department.  The Department invites you to become familiar with our organization and the way the City procures needed goods and services.  The City utilizes a centralized purchasing system, pursuant to the  City of Helotes Purchasing Policy and Procedures Manual.  The goals of the City's Purchasing Policy include:
1)  The purchase of quality goods and services;
2)  Obtaining the best possible price for goods and services;
3)  Disposing of salvage and surplus materials;
4)  Giving bidders a fair opportunity to compete for the City's business; and
5)  Partnering with City Departments to deliver first-class services to our citizens.

Bids, Requests for Proposal, Quotes

To receive a bid notice, a request for proposal, or a request for a quote, you must register as a vendor on this website.  Bid notices, RFPs, or requests for quotes are not mailed through the U.S. Postal System.  Sealed bid notices, when available, are advertised in the San Antonio Express-News and posted on this webpage.
Bid Packets may also be picked up at Helotes City Hall, 12951 Bandera Road, Helotes, Texas 78023.
Please click on the following links for bid tabulation worksheets:
2018 Bids
Street Improvement Projects Bids

2017 Bids
Pedestrian Bridge Abutment, Etc. Bid
Pedestrian Bridge Bid

SH 16 Water/Sewer Lines Bid
Leslie Rd. Sidewalk Project Bid  
Street Improvements Bid

2016 Bids
EMS Billing Services Bid
Landscaping Services Bid
Scott Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Bid

2015 Bids
Codification Services Bid
Bank Depository Services Bid
Vehicle Bid
Insurance Broker Bid
LED Signage Bid

2014 Bids
Audit Services Bid
Landscape Services Bid
Wrecker Services Bid

Purchase Orders 
An official, numbered purchase order is the primary method for purchasing goods, services, or equipment and obligating the City of Helotes for payment.  Transactions may not be valid and binding unless such transactions are associated with a valid purchase order created by the City's Purchasing Department.  Exceptions to purchase orders include the use of the City of Helotes P-Card and certain professional services. 
To ensure prompt payment, invoices must reference the City’s purchase order number and be priced in accordance with the purchase order.  All invoices are matched against the purchase order and the shipping report before initiating  payment.  Care in preparing and submitting invoices will help eliminate problems in processing payments on a timely basis.  Questions regarding billings or payments should be directed to the "BILL TO" contact listed on the purchase order.  Be sure changes of address are promptly forwarded to the Purchasing Department. 
Tax Exemptions
The City of Helotes is exempt from Federal Excise, State Sales, and Transportation taxes.  TAX MUST NOT BE INCLUDED IN BIDS OR INVOICES.  Tax exemption certificates will be furnished upon request.
Purchasing Cooperatives
The City of Helotes utilizes several major purchasing cooperatives.  The purpose of cooperative purchasing groups is to obtain the benefits and efficiencies that can accrue to members, comply with State bidding requirements, and identify qualified vendors of commodities, goods, and services.  The membership of these cooperatives is comprised of cities, schools, counties, universities, and other governmental entities.