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Located at 12951 Bandera Road, Helotes, TX 78023 
Hours: 8:00 A.M. to 4:45 P.M. 
Open Monday - Wednesday and Friday
Closed Thursday
(210) 695.5903 (Direct Line)
(210) 695.6520 (Fax)

If you have any questions or concerns pertaining to the Helotes Municipal Court, 
you may contact Municipal Court Clerk Andrea Goff at
The Helotes Municipal Court has a mission to serve the citizens of Helotes and the general public in a fair, courteous, and professional manner. Our mission is met by striving on excellence in customer service and allowing a forum of equal justice for everyone to experience a fair and neutral process in finding a resolution for cases that are filed with the Court. Court personnel must ensure that everyone is heard and provided with accurate information in an impartial and efficient manner while abiding by all applicable guidelines and laws. Staff must deliver information while providing impartiality, professionalism and integrity to the general public and all individuals who come into our Court. By providing exceptional customer service the City of Helotes Municipal Court helps instill confidence in, and respect for the judicial system and the City of Helotes.


The Municipal Court processes all fine-only, Class C misdemeanor traffic and ordinance violations written by the Helotes Police, Fire, Animal Control, Public Works, Building, and Code Enforcement Departments. 
Court personnel will assist you as much as possible by answering procedural questions; however, Court personnel do not provide legal advice to the public.  Should you receive a citation, please allow five (5) business days before contacting Municipal Court about your citation. 
Please be advised that telephone calls do not constitute an appearance before Municipal Court.  For information regarding Court procedures, click here. 

Important Information Regarding Juveniles and Minors:
Juveniles (under the age of 17) or minors (between the ages of 17 and 20) must appear in Court with a parent or guardian.  For information regarding juvenile procedures, click here. 


Traffic Citation Options:
Defendants receiving a traffic citation may be eligible for the following options:
Driving Safety Course
 - Eligible defendants qualifying for the driving safety course must submit payment and all completed forms no later than their given Court date. The required driver record may also by requested online at  Defendants should not complete a driving safety course until the Court has granted them permission to do so. 
Deferred Disposition (Probation) - Eligible defendants qualifying for deferred disposition must submit payment and a completed Deferred Disposition Request Form no later than their given Court date. 
Reset Court Date - Eligible defendants may reset their original Court date one time.  Defendants should submit a completed Reset Form no later than their given Court date. 

Notice of Alternatives to Full Payment of Fines and Court Costs

If you are convicted of an offense and are unable to pay the fine and court costs, bring this to the attention of the Judge and you may have the court assess your ability to pay and the court may provide alternatives to full payment in satisfying the judgment.


Municipal Court Payments:
Court payments may be made online, in person, by mail, or after hours by using the drop box located in front of City Hall near the parking area.  The City accepts personal check, money order, cashier’s check, and credit card (5% processing fee applies) payments. 
Defendants paying for only one of multiple violations must appear for any remaining violations.  Please make all check or money order payments payable to the City of Helotes, and do not send cash through the mail.  Personal checks are not accepted for warrant payments.  
Online payments may be made by clicking on the following link:

Self-help Legal Resources/ ¿Necesita ayuda con un problema legal?

Visit these resources/ Vaya a la página:


SUI 90113 9516 - Comp2.jpgActive Warrants:
For information on active warrants, contact Warrant Officer Fontanes at 210.695.5924.





Judicial Records:
To request a judicial record, please open the following link, complete the form, and submit it to Municipal Court: 
Request for Judicial Record

Helpful Webpages to Raise Awareness on Traffic Safety Issues in our Community:
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