2019 Street Improvement Projects - Bid Documents

May 29, 2019.

City of Helotes requests sealed bids for the following street improvement services:
One-Course and Mill & Overlay;
Mastic Surface Treatments (Onyxx, HA5, and Microsurfacing); and
Crack Routing & Sealing

Bid documents can be downloaded from the hyperlinks above.  Bids must be submitted in hard copy by 3 p.m. CST on June 28, 2019 to City Hall, 12951 Bandera Rd., Helotes, TX 78023.  Received bids will be publicly opened and read aloud on the same date and at the same location at 3:15 p.m. CST. 
Pre-Bid Meeting Sign In Sheet
Pre-Bid Meeting Video     

Question:  Are bid bonds required for any of the street improvement bids listed above?  
Answer:  No.
Question:  Once milling begins on Iron Horse Way, how will any base failures be addressed?  
Answer:  Bid the job assuming that there are no base failures.  If issues arise during milling, the City and Contractor will address those issues and/or additional costs on an as-needed basis.  
Question:  What is the application rate for the micro-surfacing in Hunter’s Ridge? 
Answer:  The application rate is 24 lbs. / square yard; however, said rate may be amended, as determined by site specifics and/or contractor recommendation.
Question:  Can a contractor bid just one of the surface treatments? 
Answer:  Yes.
Question:  What is the depth of the mill and overlay? 
Answer:  4 inches.
Question:  What is the rock application rate? 
Answer:  The application rate for Grade 5 Trap Rock is 125 sq. ft. of coverage per ton of aggregate.
Question:  What is the square footage of materials needed for Scenic Loop Road within the City of Grey Forest? 
Answer:  151,008 sq. ft.; however, contractor should field measure and verify.
Question:  What right-of-way preparations will be completed by the City of Helotes? 
Answer:  The City of Helotes will perform minor level-up, pothole repair, and edge of road repair prior to the start of the project.
Question:  Is there a completion deadline for the project? 
Answer:  No; however, the City anticipates a construction schedule of approx. 3 months from Notice to Proceed for One-Course, Mill & Overlay, and Mastic Surface Treatments.  The City anticipates a construction schedule of approx 4 weeks from Notice to Proceed for Crack Routing and Sealing.
Question:  Is Hunter’s Path included in the mastic surface treatments scope of work. 
Answer:  Yes.