Cedar Trail Culvert Enlargement

January 7, 2014.

The City of Helotes is working with Bexar County and TxDOT on the enlargement of an existing culvert near the intersection of Cedar Trail and Bandera Road.  The goal of the proposed project is to reduce flooding hazards near the intersection, particularly the elimination of flood waters that overtop Bandera Road during significant rain events. 
TxDOT requested that the City of Helotes complete a Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis for the culvert that analyzes existing and proposed conditions.  The Analysis was completed in November 2013 and was submitted to TxDOT for review.  
TxDOT has formally agreed to design and construct culvert improvements at the intersection of Cedar Trail and Bandera Rd.  Construction funding has been programmed by TxDOT for August 2018 through September 2019, and the project is currently at 30% design.  TxDOT expects that the project will be let for bidding in October 2018.