Fire Station HVAC Concerns

March 29, 2017.

The City of Helotes Fire Station was built in 2010 by Middleman Construction and consists of 16,233 sq. ft. of work and living space, including 5 bays for fire apparatus.  In March 2014, the City alerted Middleman Construction to the possibility of allergens, including mold and mildew, within the building's HVAC system.  Since that time, the City of Helotes has worked with Middleman Construction, Beyer Mechanical, and MS2 Consulting Engineers to complete the following activities to rectify HVAC concerns and ensure a healthy work environment for personnel:

- Three (3) Air Quality Tests;
- Peer Reviews;
- Duct Cleaning;
- Duct Replacement and Reconfiguration;
- Duct Sealing;
- HVAC Unit Modifications;
- Exhaust Fan Modifications;
- Temperature / Humidity Control Amendments; and
- Increased Preventive Maintenance Schedules.

In addition, Fire Dept. personnel have been and will continue to be offered administrative leave with pay and health care screenings through the City's Texas Municipal League Worker's Compensation Insurance.
Please review the following documents for additional information:

STC Air Quality Report dated December 16, 2014
Gobbell Hays Partners Air Quality Report dated January 6, 2015
Astex Air Quality Report dated June 22, 2015
Middleman Construction Memorandum dated July 13, 2015
Middleman Construction Emails / Actions dated Sept. 2016 - Dec. 2016
Beyer Mechanical Actions dated Sept. 2016 - Current