Agendas & Meetings

 Meeting Schedule

All board meetings begin at 7:00 pm.

  • City Council: 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month
  • Planning & Zoning: 1st Tuesday of the month
  • Board of Adjustment: 2nd Monday of the month
Meeting Participation

There are several ways for the public to participate in or watch Municipal Board meetings:

  • Citizens to be Heard – Individuals wanting to speak during the Open Session portion of the meeting have two options on how to sign up.
    • Option1 – Sign up online by completing the Comment Form. If you register in advance online, the comment form is due by 12:00 p.m. on the meeting date. Forms will not be accepted after the deadline.
    • Option 2 – Sign up in person and give the City Secretary the completed Comment Form. This can be done in advance or at the meeting, so long as the form is given to the City Secretary prior to the start of the meeting. Sign-ups will not be accepted after the meeting starts.
  • Public Comment by Email – Individuals may send written comments via email to the City Secretary. All messages must be received by 12:00 p.m. on the meeting date. Written comments will be shared with the appropriate board.
  • Live-stream of Meetings – Municipal Board meetings are live-streamed on the City of Helotes YouTube channel. Government Access Channel 21 on Spectrum is being upgraded, so it is unavailable for viewing at this time.
  • Recordings of Meetings – Recorded broadcasts of Municipal Board meetings are available on the City of Helotes YouTube channel.
New Agenda Format

A new agenda format is in place, starting with the May 13, 2021, City Council meeting date.  Behind each item is a blue hyperlink that reads Agenda Item.  Below are the options to view the item supporting documentation.

  • Option 1 – For computer, tablet, and smartphone users:  Click on the blue hyperlink and the supporting documentation will open within the same tab. To return to the Agenda, the user will have to select the back button.
  • Option 2 – For computer users only: Right-click on the blue hyperlink and select Open link in new tab. The Agenda will remain open in its own tab and the user can switch between tabs, versus hitting the back button.
2021 City Council Meetings
Meeting DateAgendasMinutesVideo
June 10, 2021Agenda
May 27, 2021AgendaWatch Video
May 13, 2021AgendaMinutesWatch Video
May 10, 2021AgendaMinutesWatch Video
April 22, 2021Cancelled
April 8, 2021AgendaMinutesWatch Video
March 25, 2021AgendaMinutesWatch Video
March 11, 2021AgendaMinutesWatch Video
February 25, 2021Cancelled
February 11, 2021AgendaMinutesWatch Video
January 28, 2021AgendaMinutesWatch Video
January 14, 2021AgendaMinutesWatch Video
2021 Planning & Zoning Commission Meetings
Meeting DateAgendasMinutesVideo
July 6, 2021
June 1, 2021AgendaWatch Video
May 4, 2021AgendaMinutesWatch Video
April 6, 2021AgendaMinutesWatch Video
March 2, 2021Cancelled
February 2, 2021AgendaMinutesWatch Video
January 12, 2021AgendaMinutesWatch Video
January 5, 2021AgendaMinutesWatch Video
2021 Board of Adjustment Meetings
Meeting DateAgendasMinutesVideo
January 11, 2021AgendaMinutesWatch Video