Helotes Hosts Public Safety Communication Officer Training

July 11, 2017.

The City of Helotes Dispatch Department and the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO) are hosting a training course for emergency communication personnel at the City’s municipal offices. The session titled, Communications Training Officer 5th Edition, provides attendees with increased knowledge in the areas of communications, counseling, stress management, and more. This curriculum is part of a comprehensive training program for the Communication Training Officer Certification.

“Our job changes frequently from one call to the next. Learning opportunities, such as this course, are essential toward achieving our Department’s best-in-class goals,” explained Angela Bocconcelli, Communications Supervisor at the City of Helotes. “We’re also honored to co-host this event for other practitioners from across the country.” The three-day training course concludes on July 12, 2017.

APCO International is the world’s largest organization for public safety communication professionals. The association is committed to the empowerment and education of its membership. To learn more, visit the APCO International website