Drive Safe Helotes

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Car Driving on Road

The Drive Safe Helotes campaign is designed to promote awareness of safe driving practices. Each week, a new message will be shared on the City website and social media. Visit this webpage often from January 13 thru March 17, 2021 to learn more about safe driving practices.

All drivers have a personal responsibility to obey traffic laws and drive smart to help make our roads safer for everyone. Together, we can ensure a safer community and save lives. Please join us today, in making a pledge to Drive Safe Helotes.

Obey Speed Limits

Drive Safe Helotes - Obey Speed LimitsDid you know that residential streets within the City limits of Helotes have a speed limit of 30 MPH? It is true! Many of the side streets and neighborhood roads within Helotes have a 30 MPH speed limit. To learn more about speed limits within the City, review the Helotes Code of Ordinances.

Special attention is required when driving through a school zone. Remember that school zones are  20 MPH and cell phone use is prohibited. Drivers should slow down and look twice when driving near schools. Children are commonly exiting cars or buses to enter the school.

Speeding can be deadly. Ensure you know the speed limit of the roads where you travel and obey those limits, so you and others arrive to their destination safely.


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