Traditional Finances

Below is information showing the City’s finances through summaries, visualizations, downloadable data and other relevant information. 
Financial Summaries
FYE 2017 Finance Summary
Budget Documents
FYE 2018 Municipal Budget (Raw Data)
FYE 2018 Municipal Budget (PDF)
FYE 2017 Municipal Budget (Raw Data)
FYE 2017 Municipal Budget (PDF)
FYE 2016 Municipal Budget (Raw Data)  
FYE 2016 Municipal Budget (PDF)
FYE 2015 Municipal Budget
FYE 2014 Municipal Budget
FYE 2013 Municipal Budget
FYE 2012 Municipal Budget
Municipal and EDC Governance Letters & Audits prepared by Armstrong, Vaughan, and Associates
FYE 2017 Municipal Governance Letter
FYE 2017 Municipal Audit
FYE 2017 EDC Governance Letter
FYE 2017 EDC Audit
FYE 2016 Municipal Governance Letter
FYE 2016 Municipal Audit
FYE 2016 EDC Governance Letter
FYE 2016 EDC Audit
FYE 2015 Municipal Governance Letter
FYE 2015 Municipal Audit
FYE 2015 EDC Governance Letter
FYE 2015 EDC Audit
FYE 2014 Municipal Governance Letter and Audit
FYE 2014 EDC Governance Letter and Audit
FYE 2013 Municipal Governance Letter
FYE 2013 Municipal Audit
FYE 2013 EDC Governance Letter
FYE 2013 EDC Audit
FYE 2012 Municipal Audit
FYE 2011 Municipal Audit
Check Registers
April 2018 Check Register (Raw Data)
April 2018 Check Register (PDF)
March 2018 Check Register (Raw Data)
March 2018 Check Register (PDF)
February 2018 Check Register (Raw Data)
February 2018 Check Register (PDF)
January 2018 Check Register (Raw Data)
January 2018 Check Register (PDF)
December 2017 Check Register (Raw Data)
December 2017 Check Register (PDF)       
November 2017 Check Register (Raw Data)   
November 2017 Check Register (PDF)     
October 2017 Check Register (Raw Data)
October 2017 Check Register (PDF)    

FYE 2017 Check Register (Raw Data)
FYE 2017 Check Register (PDF)
FYE 2016 Check Register (Raw Data)
FYE 2016 Check Register (PDF)
FYE 2015 Check Register (Raw Data)
FYE 2015 Check Register (PDF)
FYE 2014 Check Register (PDF)
FYE 2013 Check Register (PDF)
Investment Policies
2018 Investment Policy and Strategy & Broker / Dealer Certification Form
2017 Investment Policy and Strategy & Broker / Dealer Certification Form

Other Information
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