Public Pensions

The City of Helotes participates, as one of 860 plans, in the nontraditional, joint-contributory, hybrid-defined benefit pension plan administered by the Texas Municipal Retirement System (TMRS). TMRS is an agency created by the State of Texas and administered in accordance with the TMRS Act, Subtitle G, Title 8, Texas Government Code (the TMRS Act) as an agent multiple-employer retirement system for municipal employees in the State of Texas. 
TMRS Independent Auditor's Report
The TMRS Act places the general administration and management of the system with a six-member Board of Trustees. Although the Governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate, appoints the Board, TMRS is not fiscally dependent on the State of Texas. TMRS issues a publicly available comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR) that can be obtained at  Link to State Comptroller Public Pension Search Tool


The following include the five (5) most recent audits of the City's pension plan, including statements of fiduciary net position and changes in fiduciary net position:

FYE 2017 Detailed Pension Plan Audit - GASB Compliance
FYE 2017 Municipal Contribution Requirements
FYE 2016 Municipal Contribution Requirements
FYE 2015 Detailed Pension Plan Audit - GASB Compliance
FYE 2014 Pension Plan Audit
FYE 2013 Pension Plan Audit
FYE 2012 Pension Plan Audit
FYE 2011
Pension Plan Audit